6 Top Tips for hanging artwork

Hanging artwork can be a bit of a nightmare when you’re not sure how to do it. We’ve created a list of helpful tips to make your gallery wall look perfect.

1. Hang your artwork at the right height

You should always hang artwork so that the centre of each piece is 57-60 inches from the floor. This practice is used by museums and galleries because it is eye-level for the average human. If you are hanging artwork to create a gallery wall, put your best pieces at this height.

2. Plan it out

Save your walls from multiple holes by planning out your space first. The easiest way to do this is to draw around your frame onto a piece of paper and then cut it out. Then use a bit of tape to position it on the wall. Take a step back and make sure it looks right, then you have the perfect spot for your artwork without ruining your wall.

3. Get your spacing right

When hanging a collection of pieces together, you should give them enough space between each other. As a general rule, 2 inches from the outer edge works best visually.

4. Group art by colour

Grouping art together looks best when you have a theme. Pick out a colour and try to put pieces together that have that same colour somewhere in them, it will make your wall look more cohesive.

5. Mix it up

Use a variety of different frame shapes and sizes. This will add interest to the wall and will be sure to make a statement.

6. Don’t go overboard

Too many frames or too large a picture taking up the entire wall can make your home look cluttered and small. Always make sure you leave enough of the wall uncovered, this will also help draw the eye to the artwork.